Avenue HQ was founded in 2016 in Liverpool, UK. We pride ourselves on being a community-driven business created for and facilitating a driven business community. Since conception we have made big strides and continue to place ourselves at the forefront of the new working movement. We are a company that is evolving every day in response to our members and their constantly changing needs. It is our community which is truly at the heart of everything we do – we believe in creating inspiring environments where individuals, businesses and cities can thrive.

From the minute you attend one of our events, use a space for a meeting, become a member or even visit one of our hospitality venues, you’re invited into the fold and become a part of the progression. We strive to offer much more than just workspace; our organisation reaches far beyond any of our four walls, and we aim to support and nurture businesses as they graduate through our plans and grow with us.

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We strive to make Avenue HQ an inclusive, community-led and professional space, fully-equipped to enable business growth. We recognise the fundamental barriers which can prohibit a business from developing, and take care of this for you, enabling you to focus on what you’re good at – making your business succeed. We know that the workplace is changing, and that people demand more – no-one should just see work as an ‘office’, but as a hub of activity. Inspiring events, social functions and member benefits all help you see Avenue HQ as not just your workplace, but your home from home.


Everything we do is tailored towards making our work and event spaces as beneficial to your business as they can be. If a business or individual comes to us with a request, we will do all we can to make it a possibility within our spaces. Our on-site teams are there to support your business growth, within the professional and sociable environment we’ve created. You will find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals – other ambitious, progressive Avenue HQ members who understand the the workplace is changing, and they want to be a part of that. We are not size or sector-specific, and want nothing more than to see businesses thrive in our spaces.

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