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Member Spotlight: Val Price, The Foundation for Happiness & Wellbeing

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Here at Avenue HQ, we are proud to foster an exciting, diverse and inclusive community, and it’s one that is growing everyday! Our newest feature on our blog is our ‘Member Spotlight’. Here we will be shining a torch on some of our fantastic members and grilling them all about themselves, their business and what exactly it is they love about Avenue HQ!

First up, we have Val Price, from her business, The Foundation for Happiness & Wellbeing, that she runs with business partner Keith Powell Evans. They are some of the newest members of our community at Avenue HQ.

Last week, I sat down with Val and had a good old chat.

– Firstly – who are you?

‘I am Liverpool and I’m about Liverpool. I’m about strengthening our city and strengthening the north of the country. We need to look to Liverpool City Region, link in with the rest of the north and become a true Northern Powerhouse!’

– Tell us about your business that is based here at Avenue HQ?

‘I founded ‘The Foundation for Happiness and Wellbeing’ with Keith, because ultimately we all desire happiness don’t we? It’s the reward of life! Keith has a background in the pharmaceutical industry and has written about happiness extensively. Now we want to showcase and highlight the way that happiness projects operate with a massive event at St George’s Hall on March 20th, the EU Day of Happiness. From the Granby Market in L8 to Kitty’s Launcerete in Kirkdale, we will look at these projects, the impact that they are having, and what we can learn from them. We intend to bring Liverpool City Region together and unite it.’


– What do you like about Avenue HQ?

‘I just remember finding this place and being overwhelmed with it all, because it really is special. What I like about Avenue HQ is that it’s so joined up even though you have all these individual spaces and spots. You’ve thought outside the box so that you can have a meal, you can have a drink, you can photocopy, you can work and you can chat…all within easy reach. Oh – and it has the best views in the city!’

– Avenue HQ in 3 words…Go!

‘Communicate. Collaborate. Community.’

– And do you have any last words?

‘What I love about about this place is that it builds up your confidence. I’m a social entrepreneur and that means I’m on my own, and sometimes I don’t have all the skills that I need. Here you have created an environment where you can learn and you can also give to other people. Giving and receiving should be encouraged and that’s what’s going to make Liverpool great.’


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