Here at Avenue HQ, we have numerous, varied membership plans available, all able to support business growth in different ways, at different stages. One of these plans is ‘virtual office’ – but what exactly does this mean? In this article, we explore what a virtual office is and why it has proved such a popular option for businesses of varying sizes.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides business owners and their employers the opportunity to work from any location in the world – whilst retaining a professional primary address. It provides the benefits of having an office – professional location, mail handling, a city centre address – without the need for a costly physical space.

Virtual office memberships provide all of the above, normally for a single monthly fee, at an affordable price.

Who needs a virtual office?

Virtual offices can fit a range of business needs, for businesses of all sizes. It is ideal for home and remote workers who don’t require a permanent, physical workspace but want the professionalism of a virtual business base, with a world-class address.

However, it also works just as well for bigger companies who want a base in a new location – say, if your company was starting to gain business from somewhere you’re not based, it may then be useful to set up a virtual location there.

Why use a virtual office?

With virtual office memberships growing increasingly popular across the country, and becoming more attractive to freelancers, startups and smaller businesses, here are some of the most common reasons why a business would use a virtual office:

  • Price
    Virtual offices are an incredibly affordable solution for many smaller businesses or freelancers – particularly those who don’t need a physical, traditional workspace. Traditional workspaces can be expensive, inflexible and difficult to manage, and may be far from the right solution. Virtual offices offer an affordable solution to having your own ‘space’, helping smaller businesses to grow at a low cost.
  • Professional Perception
    All businesses deserve a world-class professional address; the last thing you want is to list your home address on your website. With a virtual office, all prospective clients/customers will see that you are based in a professional setting – helping to legitimise your business, and instantly building a positive perception.
  • Happy At Home
    For those not interested in flexible working, such as hot-desking or a more permanent membership, a virtual office membership is the perfect option – it provides you with a world-class business location, all from the comfort of your own home. You can be based anywhere in the world, and not have to worry about changing and updating your business address – no matter where you call home.
  • New City Base
    If your business is looking to gain a presence in a new location, a virtual office is a great way of doing this. It allows you to set up a location in the place of your choosing, enabling your business to gain a foothold somewhere new. Your local address will help make you a part of that local community – with some virtual office packages including discounts on meeting rooms, event spaces and more in that space, too.
  • Mail Handling & Professional Assistance
    Most virtual offices come with mail handling as part of the package – so that you know all your mail will be sent to and collected in a professional location, and then forwarded/ready for you to pick up whenever needed. On-site teams will ensure to update you whenever mail has come in, and keep it stored securely for when you may need it. If you’re often away with business, this solution takes the stress away completely.
  • Member Benefits
    As mentioned before, with a virtual office plan, you’ll often gain many other benefits that come with membership to an office space. At Avenue HQ, we offer discounts on meeting rooms, if you need somewhere to take prospective clients, as well as discounts on local businesses – such as restaurants, gyms, other members’ services and more. This can be common with virtual office membership – you become part of a community, even if you don’t work from the physical location frequently.

So as we can see, virtual offices can have a range of benefits for your business – providing you with a great location to call home, and an increased professional edge. Find out more about our Virtual Office plan and how Avenue HQ can help you.

Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe

Marketing Lead at Avenue HQ

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