Perhaps unsurprisingly, research suggests that 62% of professionals in the UK take their lunch break whilst sat in front of their screen, at their work desk. Here at Avenue HQ, we’re open to all ways of working; however, it seems that a reduction in desktop-dining may be key to a more productive day. Here are three reasons why we think you should step away from your daily desk setup, and enjoy that hard-earned lunch elsewhere.

1. Get To Know Your Coworkers
The act of socialising has more benefits than you may think, especially when combined with a mealtime. Eating with company provides the perfect opportunity to stop, listen, interact with others, and reflect on the working day ahead. Whether you work in a private office within a close-knit team, or a large shared workspace with adopted co-workers, get to know them over a hearty lunch! Befriending colleagues and coworkers can improve your workplace satisfaction, which has got to be worth dragging yourself away from your laptop with your ham and cheese sarnie.

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2. Breaks Aid A Happier and Healthier Life
We all know that eating a healthy and nutritious lunch is brilliant for the mind and body, but where you eat and the company you’re eating with is just as beneficial for overall health. Breaks provide benefits such as: lessened fatigue, reduced strain on the eyes, and improvements in posture. Not only this, but it helps break the pattern of a potentially sedentary life, by simply moving around and getting your blood flowing! It’s due to these exact reasons that we want to encourage our AHQ members to move around and utilise the space available to them.

At all AHQ sites, we have installed many purposefully-designed ‘breakout’ areas where members can relax and recharge. Our AHQ member Charles Oddy noted that ‘the space is so well-equipped’ and oh boy, do we try. We want our residents to be able to enjoy a change of scenery; whether that be a wander round the building, a break in one of our onsite eateries or to simply take a seat in a different spot with a different view. Any form of change in environment can really help to keep the working day fresh.

3. You’ll Be More Productive
Even if your workspace follows the same mindset as Avenue HQ, and provides residents with unlimited refreshments and healthy snacks, your brain and body need a break. Yes – even if you ply yourself with caffeine, and make your way through many pieces of fruit (chocolate digestives). It’s scientifically proven that having dedicated down-time allows you to return to your work with recharged productivity levels, for the remainder of the day. This underpins the importance of instilling a ‘break culture’ into your working life.

At Avenue HQ, we like to think that a ‘break-friendly’ culture is fostered and achieved through frequently hosting community lunches, member breakfasts, wellbeing workshops and even table tennis tournaments. All of these provide members with a predetermined slot of time to detach themselves from their work, and network with the like-minded coworkers that make up the AHQ community.

Ultimately, eating lunch in-front of a computer screen can detract from the collaborative and sociable environment that a workspace should be. Let’s protect and foster an innovative, productive atmosphere and quit dining al-desko, to take a much needed break – for your own health and the health of your business.

Emily Ingram

Emily Ingram

Emily is in charge of marketing and outreach at Avenue HQ.

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