Avenue HQ’s Artist in Residency programme was created to build relationships with local artists, inviting them into the community and providing an opportunity to showcase their artwork. Emily Bartlett is the first Resident Artist at our Mann Island space. I had the pleasure of catching up with her to discuss all things art!


Emily Bartlett grew up on a dairy farm in rural Dorset, South West England. At the age of 18, she relocated to the vibrant city of Genoa, Italy, which heavily influenced her artwork and colour palette – as she drew inspiration from the bright Mediterranean surroundings.

‘I really grew up there. I was only 18 when I moved, so it shaped me as an adult and in the same sense, it shaped me as a professional artist.

Although moving back to the UK in 2015, Emily frequently returns to Genoa where her artwork remains on display. Now, based in Liverpool, Emily has her own art studio within The Royal Standard, Cains Brewery. She described it as having a lovely community feel about it, much like Avenue HQ – ‘I know everybody and there’s everything I could need’. Emily welcomes people to the studio with open arms (so drop her an email and see the master at work!).

Emily’s artwork is displayed across the city in a multitude of locations (including Dot Art, Riffraff Hairdressers and Red Brick Vintage – just to name a few!) and of course, all over the Avenue HQ Liverpool site. It is also displayed in Devon, Dorset and soon to be shown in Leeds, as well as around Europe, Australia and the USA. Emily has also recently collaborated with interior designers expanding her already diverse skill set.


Emily’s extensive portfolio follows a theme of ‘The Circle of Life’ and the reincarnation of ‘everything’. This originated from her final major project in sixth form where Emily created aesthetically pleasing, mouldy petri dishes, preserving various found objects in wax. From then, Emily has been a self-taught artist, she is heavily reflective over her previous work and uses it progressively to both improve and reproduce her creations. The circle of life theme is demonstrated by a metaphorical circle present in the majority of Emily’s art; it demonstrates continuity and is symbolic as never-ending, as it always goes back on itself.

Emily’s artwork is vibrant yet tranquil, the colours and brush strokes flow into one another and further exemplify the circle of life motion. By not washing the paintbrush in between colour changes, a fluidity is created. True to form, Emily marks her works with a symbolic O.


I asked Emily how and why she uses Avenue HQ…

‘I do all my admin work here as the atmosphere makes me more productive. It’s an amazing space, super attractive and has a nice vibe. It’s just perfect for being professional. There are so many opportunities’. A woman of many talents, Emily also teaches English, which she’s done here at Avenue HQ (and when she was living in Italy). She also uses the space to attend networking events.


Want to get involved?

Join us here at Avenue HQ for Emily’s Abstract Art Workshop on Friday 19th October from 16:00 – 19:30. In this workshop, Emily will provide an introduction to the materials and textures she uses. Following this, you will put it into practice and be given the freedom to delve into your creative side with acrylic paints, collage and drawing materials, exploring a visual world beyond the usual design principles and concerns of composition.

You’ll walk away with two pieces of artwork that you’ve created! Click here to book your place and indulge in your creative side.

Emily is a busy woman and also has an exhibition in the Dot Art Gallery (04/10/18 – 10/11/18). You can attend the private viewing and launch on Wednesday 3rd October by registering online (here). Emily is also running a three-day abstract painting course at The Bluecoat Chambers – find details and book your place here.

These mark just a few of the exciting things Emily has on the horizon, and the things you can get your teeth stuck into as well. Emily will also be starting private art tuitions on a one-on-one basis or as small groups. Don’t hesitate to contact the lovely Emily with any questions or queries, or if you want to get involved with any of her workshops.

Email: emilybartlettart@gmail.com
Instagram: @emilybartlettart

Pippa Hought

Pippa Hought

Community Associate at Avenue HQ

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