It may feel as though 2018 is a far gone distant memory and suddenly we’ve all been flung head first into a new year. But don’t panic, despite the rumours and reputation, January doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! We’ve broken down just why, at Avenue HQ, we believe January is of the upmost importance. Here’s why you should ditch the negativity and have a positive approach to January,:

Allows Time To Reflect And Refocus

Whilst other people are taking it easy, you can take this time to get ahead. January may be slow for a number of industries, but this doesn’t need to be a major cause for concern. Take this time to reflect on the year gone, in order to react for the year to come. Approximately 80% of resolutions have failed by February, so why not take a different approach to goal setting? Jot down and review your professional accomplishments from 2018, then build on them in order to create realistic goals for the future.

Provides Natural Time For Change 

January is the month of new beginnings, fresh starts and change, so go ahead and capitalise on this! There’s quite literally no better time within the working year to alter current habits and take a plunge within your professional life. A new year can mean new directions, whether this be into the freelancing world, finally becoming founder or pushing for that promotion – go for it!

As mentioned, January provides a perfect opportunity to shake things up a little. If your working environment is feeling a little drab and dreary – why not consider moving to a new HQ? You’ll most likely be refining and implementing a new strategy for the year ahead, and a fresh start within a new office could mirror this change perfectly.

You could even take advantage of any January deals that are available. For instance, across AHQ sites we are offering a no deposit basis on all private offices. Coworking more your cup of tea? Many workspace providers will offer free trial days within January. AHQ Leeds will be hosting ‘Free Fridays’ within the coworking space – providing the perfect chance to see what Avenue HQ has to offer, without any membership commitments.

Ultimately, working within a new, inspiring location, could really give your productivity levels the kickstart that they need at the start of the year. Change is good: go and embrace it.

Focus On Your Wellbeing At Work

January is jam-packed with green smoothies, salads and some form of healthy new hobby, which if we’re being realistic, may go by the wayside before you can say the words ‘spin class’. However, from a professional perspective, January provides the perfect opportunity to focus on striking a better, more well-rounded work/life balance and improving your wellbeing at work, without the need for unrealistic fad diets. At AHQ, we’re very aware that January can be a bit of a struggle for many, with an abundance of promises of healthy eating, more exercise and less drink.

So, we have decided to dedicate an entire week to wellness, to make it that little bit easier for our members to actively improve their wellbeing, at work and beyond. This programme will begin on the gloomiest day of them all, ‘Blue Monday’. AHQ Week of Wellness (#AHQWoW), will incorporate a wellness orientated event each day of the dedicated week, focusing on different areas of wellbeing e.g. mindset, fitness, reduction in stress and so forth. So keep your eyes peeled on our social channels to see AHQ members, across all of our sites, looking thoroughly relaxed.

Ultimately, there’s so much more to this month than the promise of learning a new language or attempting to go dry. Push aside the ‘got to get through this’ attitude and utilise January to ensure this year is the best yet, both personally and professionally.

Free Friday kicks off at Avenue HQ Leeds, East Parade on the 11th January. To find out more, get in touch

Emily Ingram

Emily Ingram

Emily is in charge of marketing and outreach at Avenue HQ.

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