Taking your first step into the world of co-working may be a bit daunting, coming from a traditional workspace or your bedroom-come-office. While hot-desking is a flexible option and can break down barriers, sometimes there is a lack of space to call your own. But that’s okay, hot-desking isn’t for everyone, which is why we’ve got a solution: the Resident Desk.

What are Resident Desks?

Dedicated desks, or Resident Desks as we call them at Avenue HQ, can offer the best of both worlds. A fully customisable (from your most prized plant to that impressive 50” screen) home away from home, that we’ll keep safe so you can return content, day after day. You get all the benefits of coworking but with a space that’s just for you or your team.

How can I benefit from personalising my workspace?

Modern co-working spaces are often minimalist in design with well thought out interiors, that provide a professional yet modern approach to the office environment. However, there are benefits to tailoring the space you work in. It’s important to show what you’re about, bringing you and your brand’s personality to life. Your favourite design book could deliver inspiration when you least expect it, or you might share a bond with a co-worker who has a matching Aloe Vera plant. At Avenue HQ we provide the foundation while you get to make the space truly feel like home (or work, it’s up to you!).  

24 hour access – the answer to work/life balance?

So, after you’ve personalised your desk it’s time to do the same with your schedule. It’s nothing new, but the internet means that business is now 24/7. But that doesn’t mean you have to be. 24 hour office access means you get to truly customise your working hours. Growing a business can be an exciting and challenging time, so a Resident Desk membership means you can jump into the office whenever that lightbulb moment strikes. When it’s time to wind down, leave everything at your desk so that when you go home, it’s your time.



Overall, everyone can benefit from the perks that come with a Resident Desk membership. At Avenue HQ we’re committed to facilitating a healthy work life balance, while not compromising the business needs of our members.

At Avenue HQ, teams can benefit from a discount when purchasing multiple Resident Desks, always located together; making this membership a great opportunity for both growing and established businesses. Find out more about why a Resident Desk is the perfect partner to your business by getting in touch with us today.

Sarah Hetherington

Sarah Hetherington

Marketing Associate at Avenue HQ

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