Get to know our staff over a coffee, find out a little more about their work life, what they do, and maybe a few added extras that you wouldn’t think to ask. If you have any questions that you’d like answered next time, let us know in the comments below… This week we’re speaking to Abi Inglis, Community Lead at Avenue HQ.

First things first, what’s your name?

Abi Inglis

Company role?

Community Lead

Now, what does that actually mean?

I think it’s split into two sections. One side of it is quite inward focusing and one is external. A large part of it is looking after the teams that look after the sites. So I’ve got quite a big team, those across the three sites, and hopefully more and more in the future! The Community Team are at the heart of everything we do, they run the space day to day, so it’s ensuring they’re looked after and that they are keeping all of our systems and processes are in place, and then growing and developing that team.

The other side is external facing, looking at communities outside our spaces. So building relationships with public bodies, other businesses, institutions, going into cities and speaking to the LEP, the universities, and making sure they know about our offerings and our services. Thinking of creative ways we can interact with each other and build projects and programmes together. 

Where’s your favourite place to get a bit of work done?

The first booth in the lobby (Mann Island in Liverpool). I really like looking out into the atrium and seeing what’s going on, people watching, seeing what mad stuff Open Eye Gallery are doing. I just find it quite a peaceful place. 

What’s your proudest moment at work?

I would say, I’ve got two, but they’re very similar. When Pippa (Senior Community Associate at Mann Island) and Becky (Senior Community Associate at St Paul’s Square) got promoted, they were my original team when I was Community Manager at Mann Island and to have watched them develop and grow into such amazing employees, and then be rewarded with a promotion and a step up, that was definitely my proudest moment!

What do you hope to achieve in the 6 months?

I want to publish our Company Handbook, that’s a lot of what I’ve been working on. Our company culture, and our handbook will give us something that is really solid core of what we do. So as we grow, we can grow our teams, sites, and communities.

What 3 things would you bring to a deserted island?

  1. My cat
  2. Popcorn
  3. A good book


Stay tuned for next month’s edition!

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Sarah Hetherington

Sarah Hetherington

Marketing Associate at Avenue HQ

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