The last weekend in July marks the celebration of Pride in Liverpool. Pride is a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, demonstrating activism, celebrating a community and highlighting the LGBTQ+ rights movement. However it doesn’t only begin and end on one weekend. There is a need for everyone, including members of the LGBTQ+ community, to feel comfortable being their most authentic self in both their personal lives and at work.

Now what does being your authentic self entail?

It can be interpreted in a variety of ways, however a good description is “being all that you are all the time, including while in the workspace.”

And why is it important? 

It can make you happier and a better performer, benefiting both mental well-being and work productivity.

Avenue HQ has supported Pride over the past 3 years, both as a company and the businesses in the community. We’re proud that this passion is demonstrated by our members too, OPEN Media is an official Media partner of the celebrations, extending the message of Pride to out of home screens around the city.

This year’s LCR (Liverpool City Region) campaign is ‘Come As You Are’, highlighting the importance for everyone, no matter where you are from, or how you identify, Liverpool is open to all. We embody this at Avenue HQ, continually striving to create a space where everyone is welcome to be the best they can be.

 “At Avenue HQ we are proud supporters and partners of Pride in Liverpool. The LCR Pride Foundation does an incredible job of bringing the entire region together This year’s theme; ‘Come As You Are’ resonates with the Avenue HQ communities. We are passionate about encouraging every person who enters through our doors to be their truest and most authentic selves. However you identify yourself, we welcome you.” 

Abi Inglis, Community Lead at Avenue HQ

Throughout the weekend there will be Pride celebrations taking place all over the city, from the march on Saturday to ‘Pride Sundae’, encouraging both individuals and businesses supporting the movement, to come as you are.

Find out more about the LCR Pride movement here: 

Sarah Hetherington

Sarah Hetherington

Marketing Associate at Avenue HQ

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