Liverpool is the best place to live as a graduate, according to research by Savills estate agency. Occasionally overlooked by its northern counterparts, Liverpool cannot be underestimated for the value it brings to both those living in the city and the established business and start-ups alike. With huge opportunities in a diverse and exciting city, there’s no doubt it deserves its top spot rank.

Low housing costs, good employment opportunities and a youthful population all contributed toward the number 1 ranking. Graduates have the option to secure a great job or even get a good business idea off the ground, with 3,735 start-ups launching in 2017.  

What’s not included in the technicalities, but very part of the city’s charm, is the friendly atmosphere, independent food and drink offering, and of course, the famous music scene that put the city on the map. 

We spoke to our graduates at Team AHQ, who live and work in the city,  about why Liverpool is the place for them…

Sarah, Marketing Associate 

Even though I’m originally from London, I wanted to experience a different city in the UK after graduating. Liverpool continues to surprise me every day. Yes, the living expenses are good value, and your money goes a lot further, but the people are what make it, it’s definitely the friendliest city in the UK. 

Pippa, Community Associate 

Business within the Liverpool City Region is thriving, there are so many opportunities popping up yet, it’s small enough that it makes getting a foot-in a little easier than other cities. Liverpool has a high quality of life in relation to salary/living costs meaning as a graduate just starting out in my career, I can still afford to live a fab life. The size of city in general is very appealing to me, especially working somewhere as collaborative as AHQ I feel as though I have made so many valuable contacts and I now know half the city!

Jess, Marketing Associate 

Growing up the city, I have a personal connection with it and I love living and working here. I never run out of things to do here, there’s so much going on. There is also a sense of community within Liverpool that you don’t necessarily get elsewhere.

Emily, Account Manager

There are lots of opportunities in the start-ups of Liverpool. You can work your way up quite quickly, something that would be difficult in the more corporate roles you find in other cities. I love the city and the people here, which played a huge part in me staying here after graduating from university. 

Liverpool has only got room to grow as a city, and with that growth comes an opportunity for graduates to start their post-uni life, where they can earn and enjoy at the same time, because who says you have to pick one? At Avenue HQ we look forward to seeing more graduates get their careers off the ground, we support you!

Sarah Hetherington

Sarah Hetherington

Marketing Associate at Avenue HQ

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