What are Resident Desks?

While hot-desking is a popular option in most flexible office spaces, the Resident Desk (or dedicated desk) provides that middle-ground between a fully flexible membership and private office space. It’s a desk in an office space that you can call your own. And while we talk about the Resident as one ‘desk’, the reality is that most choose to move a team into a Resident Desk area, but why?

The Resident Desk option can offer the best of both worlds, the ability to work in your own space, but in an environment that promotes networking and social interaction. This is often perfect for teams because the dedicated area for your company means you’re always close to your colleagues, but can easily make connections with those around you. 

Can A Resident Desk Really Substitute An Office?

While there might not be four solid walls surrounding your specific workplace, a Resident Membership can mirror an office option, with teams choosing to stick together in a shared working environment, making the most of what Avenue HQ has to offer. Still not convinced? We look at some of the benefits of a Resident Desk membership for teams:

Community Matters

One of the main advantages of a coworking environment is the opportunity for collaboration and socialising. While a private office is a great membership for those who want their own space, it’s not always the best option for all. A Resident Desk brings the private office environment into the community space. You get your own desk, where you can keep your many screens, important papers and favourite pen. Desks can be grouped together, which means having a morning catch up or spending time working on a project with a colleague is of ease.

“Being a Resident Member is perfect for our team, with two of us, we get our own space and the set-up we need everyday, but still get to be part of the community at Avenue HQ. If it was just us two in an office we might feel a bit lonely.” – Patrick, Calderpeel Architects 

It’s Practical 

It’s naive to think that everyone, across every industry, and all sizes of business, can carry all they need in one laptop. From digital designers, to architects, the need for a sizeable screen is inevitable, and it’s not the easiest thing to pop in a backpack, especially when travelling.

“Being a Resident member at St Paul’s Square is really convenient for me! I make digital content for a political campaign based in London, so it’s helpful to have a relaxed professional space that contrasts with that busy environment. I’m reassured knowing I can leave all of my stuff at my desk when I have to travel to London, it makes my life a lot easier!” Luke, For Our Future’s Sake

Make It Your Own

As a team, it’s great to have an identity. Having a group of Resident Desks means you can decorate the area with your own brand personality. It’s also a great opportunity to get some company merch, and show off your brand to both coworkers and clients.

Growing Pains

What happens if the size of your team increases or decreases? With a Resident Membership this is as simple as adding more desks to your current space. Finding space for new hires has never been easier! 

But, Resident Desks aren’t for everyone. Maybe you aren’t interested in using a workspace every day, or want your own four walls in a private office. Read more about why hot-desking could be more up your street or a private office is perfect for you.

However, for you and your team, a Resident Desk membership could be just what you’re looking for. You are still part of the coworking community, just with some added extras. Teams don’t necessarily need to be confined to a space with four walls, and the Resident Desk option is the proof of that. 

And the icing on the cake? Avenue HQ offers price reductions to those taking more than one desk. 

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our Resident Desk membership.


Sarah Hetherington

Sarah Hetherington

Marketing Associate at Avenue HQ

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