Thinking of starting or expanding your business? Well, look no further than Liverpool.

Home to the prolific band The Beatles, two football teams and nearly 900,000. With three universities and numerous colleges Liverpool is a hub for new bodies and brains, with 70,000 students in the city

Since the city gained its Capital of Culture status in 2008, Liverpool has been pumped with money and energy to reinvent the city and in the last 10 years the city has expanded, regenerated and reinvigorated itself into the accepting and diverse city that it is today.

These are just 9 reasons why it has such appeal to aspiring business folk:

The Location

Situated on the banks of the river Mersey and just off the Irish sea, Liverpool city centre is a picturesque coastal town. Good connections from Liverpool Lime Street train station can transport you to some of the biggest business minded cities in the UK. In just two hours you could be in London, while Manchester and Leeds are one hour away, and Glasgow just three. The short journey to John Lennon airport also allows the city to extend connections across the ponds to Ireland, Germany and the rest of Europe, making global business very doable. 

The Cost

The city has comparatively lower living costs, making it very affordable for those who are pouring money in to their new ventures. Office spaces, meeting rooms, event spaces, as well as home and apartment rental prices, for size and the location of them in the city also allow for a cheap way of life balanced with good quality of life. 

Liverpool City Centre

The Friendly Atmosphere

Liverpool is very often nominated as one of the friendliest cities in the UK and Europe, including by Rough Guides, naming Liverpool as the fourth friendliest city in the world.

The city is proud of its warm and gregarious interactions with non-scousers, along with the cheeky smiles and very apparent sense of humour, it is easy to gain an immediate sense of camaraderie from the get go. Scousers are extremely approachable and this ease makes room for partnerships and an eagerness to buddy up – dream work makes the team work after all.

The Compact Layout

One of the greatest assets of the city is its small size, you can be anywhere in just under 30 minutes, making business deals faster and meetings more accessible. There are also multiple options, whether it be by car, foot, bus, train and even by ferry.

The Development

Areas such as the Knowledge Quarter, The Baltic Triangle and the Albert Dock are all in the midst of development and expansion, which enables opportunities to open up and gain rapid growth in business and contacts. With Manchester just a mere 30 miles from Liverpool it is quite easy for businesses to grow quickly across the two cities as they are both very accessible.

A Gateway To Getaways 

Life doesn’t have to be all work, switch off and reconnect with nature. Liverpool is lucky to be perched in the midst of many exciting terrains. With many beaches on your doorstep, such as Ainsdale, Formby and New Brighton. There are many parks to wander through as well as bike trails, walks and hikes on the Wirral, in North Wales and Delamare a short drive away. 

The Great Support For Start Ups

There are lots of opportunities for those starting up their businesses in Liverpool, and often well supported by local organisations. Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, The Women’s Organisation, Liverpool Enterprise Partnership and Merseyside Special Investment Fund are but just a few supporters in the city who give advice, monetary assistance and help for people looking to start up.

There is also a wide offering of co-working spaces which enables people to work together and collaborate (like a certain Avenue HQ!).

Liverpool Dockside Skyline

The Risk Takers

Liverpool has been a hub for trade since the inception of the Albert Dock in 1846, by the end of that century 40% of the world’s trade travelled through Liverpool Docks. The city has been training and churning out business minds for 150 years.

The Social Side

Lets not forget that everyone in the ‘pool loves a beverage or a ‘bevvy’, so what better way to network then go along to an event, gig, comedy night, theatre show or one of the hundreds of bars and restaurants to show the city off to a colleague and meet some locals.

There are many places to choose, from the Empire to the Everyman, Philharmonic Hall to Matthew Street, Bold Street to Lark lane, showcasing the best of the old and new, great places to forge a few friendships.

And of course there’s more… but we’re afraid we can’t fit all the reasons why Liverpool is a great place to set up your budding business into one blog post, it needs to be seen to be believed – follow us on Twitter to see what events are coming up in the city @avenuehq.

Keep an eye out for our next feature on Leeds!


Aimee Owens

Aimee Owens

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