The festive season is upon us, and options to celebrate seem to pop up at any given moment. However, Christmas get-togethers are a great opportunity to build team bonds, forge new connections and celebrate the year just gone. But, it can be difficult to keep the balance between work and play, and ensuring focus is kept until the end of the year is imperative. To stay on top of socialising and work, here’s a 4 steps to surviving the festive season:

Pick your parties wisely

Plan your nights out (and in wisely). Avoid booking multiple nights in a row, and risk bringing your best to the event you’re attending. Make sure you spread yourself across different groups, e.g. networking, socialising and family time. And most importantly, give yourself time to recover.

Balance work and play 

Use parties to not only enjoy yourself, but get to know others better. They are the perfect opportunity to develop relationships with colleagues or build business relationships with people you wouldn’t normally get the chance to socialise with. Socialising outside of the work environment will lower barriers, giving colleagues the chance to talk about their personal lives and interests.

Give the gift of time

Help others out on deadlines that may be fast approaching as you get close to Christmas holidays. These kind of gestures allow you, and others, to feel on top of work, so you can leave work to enjoy any events that may be happening after hours.

Get organising 

Organising the bash? Drink, food and fun is a great recipe to a cracking Christmas party. But, having to organise every detail can take its toll. Our sister company, Your Local Social, is equipped to host Christmas parties of all shapes and sizes. Disclose the festive vision, and leave it up to the Christmas elves (…event planners) to bring it to life. Find out more about the venues in Liverpool, Mann Island Social, St Paul’s Social or for Leeds, East Parade Social. Keep it simple or go all out, your colleagues are bound to have a good time.


Sarah Hetherington

Sarah Hetherington

Marketing Associate at Avenue HQ

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