Staying on task is something that affects us all – most people will have come across the inconvenience that is procrastination at least once in their life. 

So what is the best way to combat this and get those important tasks completed?

Take regular breaks

Take time away from the desk to walk around, stretch the legs, the eyes and give the brain a much deserved break. When you return to the desk you will have a new take on your work and splitting it up will renew your focus and possibly give you some fresh ideas.

Make a list

Take down all of your to-do’s so you can see them in front of you which will allow you to identify the tasks, complete and eliminate them one by one. As well as giving you the opportunity of crossing them off – which can be extremely satisfying and provide, if even just a little, sense of achievement.

Order your tasks according to importance and set realistic deadlines

Attempt the most complicated, difficult or time consuming tasks first or when your brain is at its best and most active, we all work differently so work with your strengths. Then when you are not feeling on the top of your game you will have the smaller tasks left to complete, which hopefully will not require as much brain power.

Focus on one task at a time

According to Earl K. Miller, a professor of neuroscience, it isn’t possible for humans to multitask. If you complete tasks one-by-one the brain isn’t being overloaded and overwhelmed with things to do and therefore can effectively manage tasks much easier. 


Get moving, be it by stretching or dancing with your colleagues. Encourage the blood to start pumping a bit faster and the endorphins flowing and even boost your mood just by taking a walk or hitting the gym during your lunch break. Exercising is also a good way to relieve stress which can also prevent the brain engaging as it usually would.

Eat well

Try and eat well before work and during your lunch hour to make sure the brain is working as efficiently as possible. BBC Good food have reported that certain foods such as blueberries, pumpkin seeds, eggs and nuts etc. are a great way of maintaining mental and physical health.

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Aimee Owens

Aimee Owens

Community Associate

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