The concept of the ‘serviced office’ sounds simple. An office space that is a ‘furnished and fully equipped, located in a building and managed by an operator.’ And while it does what it says on the tin, there is more to the serviced office than a rentable room with a few plants and a desk. (We’re not saying there aren’t some like that, but it’s 2019 and there’s an opportunity to get the most out of the office you are paying good money for.)

There can be some confusion around the serviced office, so we thought we would combat the myths:

  1. ‘Serviced offices are expensive’
    Not necessarily, as costs are covered in one all inclusive, flat fee. Serviced offices can seem expensive from looking at the initial price. While the space is ‘serviced’ and looked after by a facilities management team, there is a lot that comes within the price tag. Everything from rent, furniture, to utilities is included in one monthly price, making it not only good value, but saving you time. Yes, you can add on options where needed (e.g. phone packages, IT support – however these are options that can be tailored to your business needs – not every business will need the same type of support).

  1. ‘Moving in takes time’

While ‘moving in’ brings connotations of vans, boxes and painting, this couldn’t be further from the truth with a serviced office. Once the contract has been signed, your office is pretty much yours to move in to. No stress needed about when the wi-fi kicks in. Just bring yourself, a laptop and a few personal touches. 

  1. ‘I can’t grow in a serviced office’

When your business experiences growth, this often leads to new hires. In serviced offices, the stress of finding a new workspace as well as employees isn’t an issue. You can often grow into the space you take, or move offices if you should need more desks. So the space is taken care of, but we’ll leave it to you to pick the right members for your team. 

  1. ‘My company doesn’t suit a serviced office’

Times have changed, serviced offices are modern, flexible and collaborative. They cater to the modern workforce, and the different companies that come within it. Serviced offices, like Avenue HQ, have a high quality, professional space that caters to all industries, shapes and sizes of business. The advantage of flexible contract options and multiple venues means that even large companies can use serviced offices to expand into new cities, quickly and affordably. 

  1.  ‘My brand won’t be recognisable’ 

While there are parts of the space that you share with others, within your office you have the ability to express yourself. You can get creative within your own four walls and show off your brand’s personality. Even though this isn’t permanent, it makes the move-in process simple and you can keep adding to your space as time goes on.

  1. ‘Location isn’t important for a serviced office’

This is far from the truth. Location is important for business. Be it for good transport links, so employees and clients can have easy access. Or the privilege of a prestigious business address, for both mail handling presenting a professional brand image. 

  1. ‘I don’t need a short-term solution’

A serviced office is a flexible option, however for the majority of businesses taking up an office, they stay put. This is because of the ability to change office size and adapt to growth, which is actually the best long-term solution.

  1. ‘I don’t want to be isolated’

The benefit of collaborative workspaces, like Avenue HQ, is the host of additional benefits that you don’t pay for. This includes a community, who in reality are much more than that. They can range from anything to friends to future customers. At Avenue HQ 75% of members have bought services from other members. 

So you see, when it comes to the serviced office, don’t believe everything you previously thought was true. While there are a whole range of options out there, it’s important to pick an office that suits your business needs, representing your brand in the best light possible.

Sarah Hetherington

Sarah Hetherington

Marketing Associate at Avenue HQ

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