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Individual Approaches To Innovation - 7 Days of Support Could Transform Your Business

Learn how Innovation is more than just new technology, how managing it well can bring wider benefits and how through assessment and coaching we can help you learn new skills to grow your company and create new products or services.


Businesses that innovate are seen to have significantly greater growth rates, enhanced productivity and are more likely to operate in international markets than companies that do not. Yet over 50% of new, “innovative” products and services launched onto the market fail.


At this free-to-attend seminar, we will explain how adopting an “innovation management approach” to the way you direct and organise your business, can help you to overcome your biggest barriers. We will show you how to discover, evaluate and develop ideas and turn them into products/services for which customers will pay.


You should attend if you:

  • Have the ambition to grow your business through the introduction of new products and services.
  • Want to access new markets
  • Would benefit from independent support to help define the right innovation strategy
  • Would like to enhance your in-house skills for managing innovation
  • Want to increase ROI and decrease time to market
  • Want to gain knowledge and techniques needed to drive your business forward
  • Want to identify market opportunities for new and existing products in the UK and abroad
  • Want to develop a more defined plan for future growth
  • Need help to recognise, value and understand how to protect intellectual property and make better use of it
  • Would like to find out about how to access fully funded business support to help you do the above.

Don’t attend if:

  • You think you know everything there is to know – there’s always learning to be done
  • You think your business is "ticking along nicely” and "don’t need support
  • You don’t want to grow your business