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'Show Me The Money' by Barclays Eagle Labs

Many businesses need an injection of funding in the early stages in order to achieve their growth plans. However, that doesn't mean that money is a magic bullet that will solve all the challenges faced by startups and scale-ups. It won't fix a poorly-conceived product or a value proposition that simply doesn't resonate with the target market.

This short talk will look at the process of starting and growing an early-stage entrepreneurial business, focusing on when and how external funding can help. With input from Barclays experts we'll identify different sources of funding and investment, the stages at which they are applicable, how to search for and secure them, and the best ways to use them.

Meet up, listen, network. Don't forget to get involved and make the most of Barclays experts right on your doorstep. Take this chance to look around the Avenue HQ Mann island campus and see what we can do for you.